The word ‘Failure’ is a word I really, really don’t like.

That’s a silly statement really.

Forgive me…

No one likes failure of course, but the fear of failure is what has driven me my whole life.

Some say that certain ‘failures’ are good, they are what make you stronger, it is how you learn.


Yes, they are right.


Failures do help us to learn and grow.


I tend to think of failures these days as learning steps to knowledge and self-progression.

But it took me a good few years to get tot hat point.

I tend to think of failures these days as learning steps to knowledge and self-progression. Click To Tweet

We all want success.


Don’t you?

We all want to have a taste of success. To be praised and liked for our success in life.


Successful people are liked, loved and popular, aren’t they?


However, success doesn’t come easy. Those you see around you who are successful didn’t just get there.


They had to work at it and strive for it, educate themselves, mould themselves.


Change who they were maybe.


Think a certain way.

Be a certain way.


Well, that’s what I thought.

  social worker leather bag by Ben white

So, I have done some research to support us all in understanding what are the top 5 things successful people, mainly entrepreneurs do to be successful, rich, and well fantastic every day.


By understanding what they do we can, in turn, emulate and mirror what they do, to increase our own success or change our success in our lives.


Have you ever wondered what do successful people do to get rich,

successful and well totally awesome,

whilst we feel like the ones always getting the rough end of life and never getting anywhere?

I have.


Well back to the research I’ve been doing…

…I’ve been scouring the online world and because I’m a bit old school as well…

…books (Think and Grown Rich for example) and here are 5 things (I’ve found more, I might write another piece about them) that successful people do every day,

to attract success in their lives, to keep it and then build on their wealth and riches.

Typewriter, to take action today, do something cool.


I’m thinking about those great people in today’s world. Those we can look up to, aspire to, emulate.

I’m not talking about those born rich or politicians, who quite frankly these days I can hardly think of one inspiring politician.


But I digress.


I’m talking about those people who have changed the face of the world through their inventions, ideas, literature, art and presence.


People like,

Bill Gates.

JK Rowling

Steve Jobs.

Marc Jacobs

Richard Branson.

Elon Musk.

Now imagine sitting down to dinner with this lot around the table.

Ordinary people just you and me. But with a certain drive, a spark of greatness that I think, I believe, we all have.


JK Rowling, a fellow Brit, a woman which is a fantastic role model for younger woman everywhere.

A person who wasn’t exactly an entrepreneur, but who created a magical world through her ideas and brilliant imagination.


And has gone on to become the most celebrated author of the 21st Century.

Elon Musk, another favourite of mine.

I’ve been reading his autobiography recently.

He has literally dragged himself up by his bootstraps through his own belief in himself and his vision of what he needs to do.

This bloke has a mind on him that I think can and will take us forward into a space age we never thought possible.

But I digress, a little more.

They all have something in common…

a willingness to take on new ventures.

To take a few risks.

Go for what they want.

Go for what they want.

A driving force that pulls them forward, no matter what.

They eat, sleep and drink in their ideas.

Nothing will stop them.

And that’s why they succeed.

Do you have that belief in yourself?


You need to.

It is essential to success.


And with that said…let’s start with number one on the list;


1. A successful person never gives up!

To give an example of this let me share a cool story I heard recently about Sir Winston Churchill in the 1950s, being asked to give a talk to rookie marines in the USA.

A successful person never gives up! Click To Tweet

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

He stands up from his chair in the audience to walk to the podium to give his speech.

Everyone in the room is shocked to see such a person coming to speak to them.


There is a hushed silence in the room and people strain their necks to glimpse this great man.

He goes up to the podium, not rushing, commanding this audience to wait… as he is after all…Churchill.


He takes off his hat and places it next to him.


He takes out the cigar in his mouth and leans forward and speaks only just 3 words. 3 words!!

Powerful words none-the-less.


He says…in that distinctive voice.


Never. Give. Up!”

Then he repeats…. “Never. Give. Up”.


He then puts the cigar back in his mouth, and puts on his hat and walks back to his seat.

The audience is both shocked and in awe of this great man.


As his words sink in, and the relevance of what he has just said, in the context of his life and winning the war against Hitler.

Powerful, simple, but very true.


His message is… to succeed, you must never give up.


If something is your destiny (Luke couldn’t resist a Star Wars ref), then keep going.

Do not give up.

If something is your destiny (Luke couldn't resist a Star Wars ref), then keep going. Click To Tweet

Have tenacity, firmness of belief in what you are doing.


Determination, drive, doggedness.


Move forward and on and you will succeed.

JK Rowling wrote her first books in a café, she had little money and only her dreams an idea to keep her going, but she believed in herself.

She never gave up.

Inspiring really, isn’t it! Anyone can do it they just need the right state of mind.


Thomas Edison was asked why he didn’t give up after 1,000 attempts to invent the electric light bulb.


Edison said in a wryly quip something akin to…”I don’t think of it that way, I see it as a 1000 steps to success”.

light bulb moments.

light bulb moments.

They never gave up.

2. Understand that success is not overnight.


Like above, well they go hand in hand.

Successful people don’t give up on the first try.


They know that success takes time.

They are in it for the long haul.


They don’t bleat about failing and giving up, they have the mindset that they are going to be successful, rich, great.


Nothing gets in their way.

Do you understand why people get so down on themselves if they fail? Why do they then transfer that blame to others…

… “you promised me I would do well, it’s your fault, you said I would get rich quick!”


Well for starters no one should ever promise someone else that they will get rich quick, there’s no such thing. If someone tells you that they are lying.


And secondly, people need to take account and be accountable for their own decisions and life.

No one can do this but you alone!


But we have opportunities in our life.


We need to take some risks to succeed, success takes time, it takes effort, it takes work.

Lazy people need not apply.


We live in an instant society nowadays. Everyone wants it NOW.


But you need to put in the work, to get a great result.


Put the work in now for later results. Pace yourself. Work hard.


work at it.

work at it.

Take for example training for some 6 pack abs!

Does this happen within a week or even a month? No of course not.


It takes time. It takes work.


It takes a focus and dedication to what you want to achieve.


If you don’t put in the effort, then you won’t succeed.


3. Education, Education, Education.

Successful people read.

They educate themselves.


They learn and have a passion for learning that goes beyond school!


Read self-progression books, success books, books by those who are successful.

Look at what they have done to get to where they are now.


Read to pRead to progress.rogress.

Read to progress.

Who are you going to believe about their route to success?


Your best mate ‘Bob’ who has never done anything in their life?


or Bill Gates who has a multi £$ company?

My money is on Bill. Bob can take a hike.


I read all sorts of education books, by the above and more.


Broaden the mind, take on new ideas, be inspired by those who have succeeded, surround yourself by those who have succeeded.


Then you take on their way of thinking, think of it like reprogramming your brain.


Taking out the code that you’ve had since birth and instilled by your parents, caregivers, teachers, friends and work.

Inspire your mind

Inspire your mind

Take on new information that will give you a programme boost and take you to a new way of living.


All the successful people read. They read, and they educate themselves.

I listen to audiobooks in the car, before bed. On the train, bus. Whilst cooking tea.


Even if you have a college degree, that’s all very well, but you need the right types of education.


There’s no excuse, put down the latest killer thriller or funny book, get yourself some great meaningful education.


4. Invest in your progress.

Successful people invest in their education and themselves. Self-development. Self-progression of the mind and their ideas.


I’ve invested 1000’s in my education over the years.


Developing my mindset and improving how I think.


I would not have it any other way.


Why sit still and wait for something to come to you? go and bloody well get it.


Grab that education, the right education by the googlies and hang on.


Grab hold of it!

Grab hold of it!

Be it seminars, books, online tutorials, webinars, videos, audiobooks, anything that will take you in the direction you want to go.


The people I study with have invested 100’s of thousands in themselves and it shows.

It shows how successful they are and what they are doing with their life.


They have taken risks, gone forward and set themselves up online, with successful businesses, digital businesses. They have made the economy work for them.


They grabbed the world and made it theirs.


Here’s what I invested in about a year ago, it is working for me, it can work for you. Look at my story here.


Grow and develop as a person to create the success you want.


Many people fail to create success in their life because they are sceptical of new opportunities.

Invest in yourself. It makes sense.


5. Daily fitness routine – exercise.

If the reading of things is working out your mind, then this is equally important for your body.

Successful people exercise daily.



Well, exercise increases the great stuff in your body, it releases good hormones like testosterone, that gives you the stamina and kick that you need to cut through the day.


It reduces the stress hormones that make us sick.


It increases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins which gives a sense of being high.


This highness increases our sense of well-being, well-being increases our productivity and creativity and ability to focus and make progress.


I work out everyday. For about 10-15 mins, plus gardening, walking at the weekend.

I feel blinking marvellous. I hardly get sick.


work it out !

work it out!

I have more energy because exercising makes you feel more energetic.


I need less sleep. I watch what I eat, don’t really drink alcohol, and get out of bed ready to take on the day.


It takes about 6 weeks to get into this routine and you must never fail in this.


Make time, put some kick-ass music on and get to it. some weights, stretching, Yoga, a walk, an exercise machine. It all helps.


Take care of your body, it is the only thing you have that stays with you for your life.


It gives you more energy to focus and get things done.


It gives you mental clarity, it doesn’t take energy away from you long term, initially yes, it is harder, but over 6 weeks things improve.


You get more energy to work out and this moves onto and into your life.


Conclusion:  I hope these tips for success, that successful people do every day, excite you and make you feel inspired to do great things.


To move you forward to becoming richer, more successful in your entrepreneurial journey.


Leave your comments below, I’d love to know what else you have found that successful people do every day. And what is working for you!


And if you want to be inspired with some free videos and you haven’t seen them already check them out here.

Be inspired, be successful

Jeff James.

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