If you have been paying attention you might have seen the first part of this list recently, where I break down the 1st 5 big things that rich and successful people do every day

You know those entrepreneurial, fantastic, exciting people, that just get things done.

They go and get what they want and their lives are inspiring.

Focus on success

Focus on success


We looked at JK Rowling, and Elon Musk and reflected upon the research that I have been doing to see what these types of poeple do everyday to make a success of their lives.

If you are ready to improve your life a bit more and want to know the next 5 things these types of successful poeple do every day, read on.

They will change how you see your own life and make you want to take action right now.

I must point out though that success doesn’t come easy.

You have to work at it.

You have to work at it.

Those you see around you who are successful didn’t just get there.

They had to work at it and strive for it, educate themselves, mould themselves.

Change who they were.

Think a certain way.

Be a certain way.

They seem to know the secrets of the universe that mere mortals like us can only dream about. But really what they know is how to be masters of their own life, their own destiny.

The take control, they take action, they focus on what matters, and get things done.

That’s it.

I consider myself successful and have enormous amounts of drive.

Whilst I have not risen to the dizzy heights of those we mention, once you apply successful techniques you apply them to your life and scale up the success dependant on what you want to do and what you want from life.

By understanding what they do we can in turn emulate and mirror what they do, to increase our own success and change our success in our lives.

Well back to the research I’ve been doing….I’ve been scouring the online world and because I’m a bit old school as well as….books (Think and Grown Rich for example).

Looking at what successful people do every day, to attract success in their lives, to keep it and build on their wealth and riches.

Here are the next 5 things the ‘gods’ of our world do everyday…..

1. You need a mentor to show you the way.

Until about a year ago I never even considered this. I looked up to people in the media, those I knew at work. That type of thing.

Mentors are crucial

Mentors are crucial

But they say a goldfish is limited for its growth by the size of its tank.

We are also limited (or not) by those we look up to or follow.

I never really thought I need a mentor.

What is a mentor anyway?

A mentor in this sense, is someone who has made it. Someone who has done what you want to do and made a success of things.

They are there to guide you to do the same things and make a success of your life and propel yourself forward.

My mentors are Stuart and Jay, they run a digital education academy.

jay and stu pic SFM

Jay and Stu SFM

They have taught me more in the past year. than I ever thought possible.

About the online digital world, about growing a business online, about being an entrepreneur, about being the best that I can be in this lifetime.

Blow your mind type of stuff.

Blow your Mind

Blow your Mind


They helped me believe that anything really is possible.

See it is a state of mind really, a shift in how you think.

I understood that we are not restricted by what we have, or see, or are told is our life.

If we want something we can visualise it and go for it.

Bloody well go for it.

The only thing that stands between you and what you want is your own sense of fear.

The only thing that stands between a goldfish and being bigger is a bigger tank.

Even those you would never think have, actually have mentors in their life.

Even my mentors, have mentors.

It is how we move forward, progress and not get stale and stagnant.

I don’t know who those at the top of the tree have as mentors, but I’m sure they have mentors who inspire them. A lot seem to turn to spiritual guidance.

2. Clear Goal setting.

Successful people have big dreams and ideas and see them as goals.

Don’t let how you are going to get there stop you.

Set the dream, set the goals and go for it.

Set your goal

Set your goal

Don’t let your friends or family tell you, you cannot. YOU CAN.

Listen to those who have already done it.

See the goals that they set and model them and their behaviours.

Write down the goals you want to set for yourself over the next week, month, 6 months and a year.

Visualise where you want to be a year down the line and go for that.

Do not worry how it will happen, that will come over time.

Your life will unfold those successes and goals will be achieved over that time. But you need them clear, focussed, and meaningful for what you want to achieve.

Write them down, have them on your study wall. Look at them. Break them down into smaller daily and weekly, monthly chunks.

3. Make your day last longer!

Successful people get up early, they don’t procrastinate in bed and think…

oh, I’ll get my dream and goals done later”.

Nope, they get up early.

I often get up about 6-6.30. I get stuff done.

Wake up early

Wake up early

I write, I listen to education.

I get to bed before 10 the previous night and get my 8 hours in, but I wake up feeling good and motivated and get on with the day.

By the time others are getting up at 8 or 9, I’ve been at it for hours.

Your brain is all fired up in the morning.

Have a green tea or some porridge, do some light exercises and then get on with your day. How often do you stay in bed until 8 or 10 o’clock on a Sunday, and your days doesn’t start until 11?

I always end up feeling …What a waste of time.

You feel sluggish, its nearly lunch time and you never really get going.

Get up early, get stuff done.


Wake up, buddy!

Be proactive, be productive and be successful.

Don’t underestimate how much you can do getting up earlier.

4. Be organised and stay focussed.

One trap we fall into when starting out is panicking and trying to do everything all at once and we do not do anything well or finish anything.

What then happens is we become disillusioned and become inactive, and we fail.

Successful people have action lists, that they update daily. They do one step at a time.

One block at a time

One block at a time

They move through these lists with military precision, and a laser beam focus.

Laser beam focus

Laser beam focus

Think army discipline or Olympic style focus… then you’ll get what I am talking about.

When I first started out I was like a kid in a sweet shop, I want to learn this, and I want to learn that, I must make a website, I must get this business stream up and running and that business stream.

It does not work.

My mentors encouraged me to have an action list. Steps I want to achieve today and this week, this month.

I work through the list, prioritising them as I need to.

stressed person at work

Focus on what needs doing.

I stay focussed.

I stay calm.

I get work done because I move forward systematically and methodically.

It does work. it does get you success, because you are taking action.

Don’t get distracted, stay focussed on the task at hand.

Go for what they want.

stay focused.

5. Successful rich entrepreneurs have multiple sources of income.

They get an education, they have ideas, they get mentors, they get up early to get things done.

But they don’t just go down one route of business.

They have multiple sources of incomes, generating income for success and wealth.

success stream of income

Multiple streams of income

The old saying is so true…don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

If you have multiple baskets, then you spread those eggs around and if one fails you have others to come back to.

But what should I do? How can I generate multiple sources of income?

Good question.

Again, the academy I am with can guide you on this and help you.

I recommend getting one income stream up and running and put all your efforts into that one stream until it starts to generate money. Then move onto another income generating stream and take it from there.

action list and calender's

Multiple ways of success.

Building on each one until you have multiple incomes streams.

I hope these further tips for success, that successful people do every day help you to feel inspired and propel you forward.

Moving you forward to becoming richer, more successful in your entrepreneurial journey.

Leave your comments below, I’d love to know what else you have found that successful people do every day.

And if you want to be inspired with some free videos and you haven’t seen them already check them out here.

Be inspired, be successful

Do something great!

Do something great!

Jeff James.

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