Time management.

Manage your time well, don’t let it manage you

This week I realised that I had become complacent, I was getting a bit lazy in my own life.


I was not using my time wisely and I was not effective with my time.


What made me realise this?


Well over the past few weeks because an accident, my partner has been out of action and I’ve been doing everything around the home; caring for the kids, the pet, the house, keeping the whole thing going.


Like a madman spinning 10 plates in the air, whilst at the same time tap dancing.




Don’t get me wrong I’ve always done things and when I’ve worked fewer hours I’ve done much more.




However, recently since I’ve been back at college, working full time and building my business. I’ve eased back to concentrate on other things.


Kick me now.




This recent kick up the backside has made me realise that I’ve not been pulling my weight and this has led me to understand that I’ve not been using my time effectively.




That’s changed: I’ve been so busy and so organised these past few weeks that it has given me a laser beam focus on what needs to be done.




This has meant that when I have some time spare to write a blog, work on my self-growth, or do my emails, or build my business …I do it and do it fast.




I don’t have the time to get distracted by the internet gossip and fluff that usually gets in the way of progress.


I get my head down and get on with what I need to do.

The Wake up call.

The wake-up call..is your alarm going off?

The wake-up call is always a good thing:


I was reflecting upon why this accident happened at this time.




It has impacted all of us.


The lesson for me… was the realisation that I had let things slip a bit and maybe take my partner for granted a bit. I was always appreciative but had forgotten how much it takes to run a household.




We are funny ….human beings are so wrapped up in their own lives, their own perspective, their own problems and issues.




We soon forget lessons learnt or revert to type.


The secret is to learn and develop and move forward, building on what you’ve learnt. But lessons present themselves by the universes to give you a nudge, a wake-up call. A kick up the ass to do something.




We are funny ….human beings are so wrapped up in their own lives, their own perspective, their own problems and issues Click To Tweet


I go to bed knackered but fulfilled.


Knowing exactly what is going on at home.




Knowing what food we have in the house, what has been washed and laundered.


What I need to cook for the next few days.




Activities are planned for the weekend.


Lists made and times set.




I know what my kids are eating and how we are as a family. I even found out they cleaned out 2 weeks of treats in 3 days! We now have a treats tin in place and I hold the key.




The lesson wasn’t just for me.


The kids realise what their mother does, they’ve pulled their socks up and have mucked in and it has been a team effort.




My partner, I think has realised that she can let go a bit more and she doesn’t have to do everything or be seen to do everything, just because she works part-time.




I’ve taken on the shopping! I love food preparation, planning meals and trying out new recipes with the family. They are very polite.


Feeling motivated.




In control.


Feeling invigorated and involved.




I’m not so much a passenger in the family but a co-driver again. It’s been nice. It’s been a wake-up call.

A time piece set the bar.

Time is a construct of society, don’t let it control you.

The Conclusion…Time is an illusion.




And not always our fiend. However, I’ve noticed that when I feel I don’t have enough time, or I don’t appreciate what I do have. The universe sends something like this to show us that we do have enough time… but we should use it wisely.




Time is just a period of space that things are done.




Time is an illusion. Click To Tweet


We carve it up into work, leisure and sleep, eating and drinking and fluff and other stuff.




But when you have no perceived time and you have different demands your time, then you adjust the whole thing. In fact, I seem to have more time because I’ve refocussed everything. I’m even ahead of myself with the housework.




Everything is done and there’s not much to do at the weekend apart from cut the lawns.




I’ve written 2 articles this morning. I’ve exercised, washing is out and drying. Taken the kids to school, and sorted out an issue my daughter had.


Tyres all booked in to be changed and checked.




And it’s only 10 am.


I am on fire.


I’ve got a new appreciation for single parents and understand why my partner is always tired. I’d forgotten.


And now I remember………




Manage your time well, don’t let it manage you !!

control time not let it control you

control time..don’t let it control you.

Manage your time well, don't let it manage you !! Click To Tweet






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Leave a comment below and let me know.


I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Take back control.


Jeff James.


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