Being an entrepreneur, being a leader online, being self-sufficient, charismatic, enigmatic….doesn’t come easy.

No, it really doesn’t.

Unless you have some sort of magic formula? It takes some hard work.

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Do some hard work

Those who actually think they are great and fantastic… often aren’t.

Those who are leaders, inspiring and people you want to listen to rarely know it and that’s part of their charm.

Those who actually think they are great and fantastic... often aren't. Click To Tweet

So you want to be an online business person, running your own online successful business, but how do you get the inspiration to inspire others?


How do you find the things to say that will make others stop, sit up and listen?


Where do we find inspiration to be a better version of ourselves?

God? Religion? Famous celebrities? Musicians? Leaders of the worlds?

Where do we find inspiration to be a better version of ourselves? Click To Tweet

who do you follow?

who do you follow?

Nah, forget all that…we are often chasing ideals that rarely exist, or are unattainable.


That type of inspiration can be built on quicksand…

We project ourselves onto those we admire, we emulate them, we want to be like them, we aspire to copy them in some way in the hope that some of their greatness or shine rubs off on us.


But what we need to realise is, and this has taken me years to comprehend, is that we are all that we need to be, we are our own leader, our own inspiration, our own greatness.


However, we rarely realise it.

At least until it is too late.


All that we need to do to be inspired is WAKE UP and realise that all we need and all we have ever needed is to know that it is ‘yourself’. This magical formula is within ourselves.


Our uniqueness, or gifts as human beings in this lifetime, is all within ourselves.

uniqueness inside

uniqueness inside

However what first needs to happen, to really get this concept…

…is that you have to wake up.

This isn’t just something you do consciously.   

There is hope though, for you. The fact you are reading articles like this indicates that a wake up is happening.

Our uniqueness, or gifts as human beings in this lifetime, is all within ourselves. Click To Tweet

Waking up, in the broadest of senses, is when you suddenly realise that you are not happy doing what everyone else is doing… day in and day out.


You might be happy, but not content.

Maybe something is niggling at you, at the back of your mind?


You don’t know what it is, but you want to wake from a kind of slumber and go forward into some kind of adventure.


What the hell is that?

Some would say it is a mid-life crisis…but I think that is something quite different, that’s when you have loads of regrets and you are trying to relive a life, a youth, you didn’t enjoy or do enough the first time around.


Mine wasn’t like that.

I had a great youth and did loads.


This for me is something quite different and I’m sure it is different for you.


My wake up call came in 2016, with a very ill partner, 2 young children who needed me more than ever, and 3 people very close to me dying in a short space of time.


You get a right jolt.


time catches up.

Life hits you sideways sometimes. But with the pain comes a new dawn, a new light that shines into the darkness.

What 2016 did for me was turn my world upside down.


It gave that world a good shake and slapped it around the face a few times.


Coupled with a very busy, demanding job, commuting, and the demands of everyday life…I had what I can only describe as a sort of meltdown.


I remember during Christmas 2016, actually I don’t remember it much. I was like a zombie. I didn’t know who I was, what I was, where I was going or what I wanted to be any more.


I felt turned off. Shut down, devoid of feeling anything.


I went through the routine of living, but I wasn’t living.

drowning not waving

drowning not waving

I questioned life and purpose and asked the universe…what’s the point of living?


I questioned why I was commuting a few hours a day to a job which took the best of me.

Why was I?


Who I was?

What did I stand for any more?


Why was I working for another 25 years for a retirement I may never get to? Only to realise when I got there that I was too old to enjoy it or too knackered.


Maybe you have asked the same things of yourself?


So I made a decision: I either sink or swim.


I either sit there feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in pity and sadness.

Or I live the way I want to live and take my life by the balls and own it, take back control and really live the life I want to live.


I started to look around on the internet, for inspiration really but I wasn’t sure what it was I was looking for.


What are you looking for?

I felt I wanted to break free from the rat race. I wanted to design my own life for me and my family.

But I didn’t know where to start.


What did I know about doing something like this?


I wanted to do something online;


The internet was a vast opportunity, but again what did I know about anything?

light bulb moment

light bulb moment

The internet was a vast opportunity, but again what did I know about anything? Click To Tweet




I didn’t even have a Facebook account.


Then for a few weeks in a row I had these adverts pop up in various places online (YouTube etc) I saw a few videos by this digital education online academy.


The main mentor was Stuart Ross.

Something about him and what he was talking about really struck a chord in me.


Stuart talked about creating the life you want, building an online business, being free from the 9 to 5, learning new ways of living for the 21st century.


Helping and supporting all of this digital experience.


I am a believer in things are meant to be, so I signed up for a free video series by Stuart and his colleague Jay.

The videos arrived in my inbox over 7 days. I watched them with an open mind.

It was like they were speaking directly to me, some of the ideas blew me away a bit, but it was like this is what I am looking for. This is what I need to get on board with.


I remember thinking…

This will give me the freedom to change my life.

Spread my wings., create and design something for myself.


They talked about the laptop lifestyle, working anywhere in the world and earning a living by marketing and blogging, e-commerce (producing your own products). Suddenly the world opened up for me.


Ideas started popping in my mind. Everything I could do with this learning, everything I could be.


ideas mind inspire

ideas mind inspire

They can for me, they can for you.

Opportunities that I never knew existed suddenly became possibilities. They can be possibilities for you too.

A year or so down the line and well here I am, more or less doing what I wanted.

I’ve re-discovered who I am.

I think you can too.

Yes, I am learning about online digital business and building my own, but it goes much further than that.

Much, much deeper than that.


The process of this education and community has given me the inspiration to be a better person.

I exercise regularly.

working it out

working it out

I eat better.

In turn, I think I have more time, even though I study and work on this and have worked full time,

I use my time better. And spend more time, better quality time, with my family now.


I’m happier in my life, and that radiates out to those I care for.

Don’t you want the same?


I learn about everything I can get my hands on. As you move forward you feel inspired.

You feel motivated and gain momentum to makes changes.


I read about self-improvement, ideas about the world. Metaphysics (the universe and why we are here etc) is my thing at the moment.


My mentors Stuart and Jay, well what can I say?


Do they inspire me? but it kind of goes against what I was saying about following people though, doesn’t it?


Yes they are great blokes and leaders, but I don’t idolise them, it’s not like that.


They help get me and students like me, to get to a place where we are inspired, but it within. It means we start to self-motivate ourselves. Because no one can do that for you.


It is more sustainable if you inspire yourself. If you want to change and want to improve your life and can see the changes and others notice them within you.


Then you will change.


You will be inspired to change and be a better version of who you are.


Stuart and Jay just help to flick the switch.

That’s all.

They set up the tools for you to do it for yourself.


Conclusion: No one makes you do it.


You have to want to change and go forward into a new way of living.


Yes, they are cool in a geeky kind of a way, but not famous or a film star. They don’t even realise or present as realising that they are brilliant.


They are just ordinary people who have realised the above and done something about it.


And now they are passing on that knowledge and inspiration to others.

axe your 9 to 5 imagine create freedom by jeff james

axe your 9 to 5 imagine creating freedom by Jeff James


They are educating people like you and me to understand that we are our own rough diamonds, and with some work, we can really shine, like brilliant jewels on the earth.


If you want to have a watch at the same 7 videos I saw that woke me up, and you haven’t already seen them. Take a look here.

Wake up, Inspire yourself and take back control.

To be the best you can be.

Wake up, Inspire yourself and take back control. Click To Tweet

Good luck and let us have your comments below.


I’d love to see what you think.

take back control…

Jeff James.

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axe 9 to 5 by Jeff James

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