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This week I had an attack of self-doubt, crippling self-doubt, and yes it was an attack really because it comes from nowhere doesn’t it?!

… those niggling feelings.


Those self-doubts.



Intense emotions that cause you to doubt yourself, and literally bring you to a standstill.


I was doing so well, like a train steaming ahead, chugging down the tracks.


I was rocking it, I was feeling great then wham….suddenly I wake up Wednesday this week doubting myself.


Oh God can I do this?

Am I clever enough?


Am I smart enough?


Am I okay to do all that I have been set and expect of myself?”


I don’t align myself with religion but have belief and believe in the higher self, the source, the spirit and the energy of the universe.


I know I am driven by something bigger than my own small spark of life…


…and I know I am being pulled in a new direction by forces that I have no real control over and I have allowed myself to be guided for quite a while now.


But I still self-doubt, even though all the synchronicity in the world is saying go for it and do it!


Everything is coming true which I have been told and that’s great.


But the self-confidence and self-esteem issues that have plagued me all my life surface at periodic times, for no particular reason.


We all get it.

queen or king of something

Even the top of society get self-doubts and lack of self-belief.


 Even successful people get it:

I’m sure even the top famous people and even Queens and Kings get it.

We second doubt our decisions and we think “what will others think if I do this or that”?

What happened to trigger this?


The kids went back to school, and I’ve dealt with their anxieties and niggles all week.


I’ve been supporting people at work with various anxieties and situations which needed intensive support.

Additionally, I’ve been meeting new people all week, interviewing them for some system change in their lives within my existing 9-5 job.

The impact of all this has caused a disturbance in my own energies, I’ve been faced with others’ self-doubt all week, their insecurities, their fears and self-doubt.



We do take on the energies of those around us and no matter how strong we are, they do impact.


Listening to them, empathising with them and soothing them to feel better about changes which are impacting their own lives has affected me.


They are having the same fears….. can I do what you ask of me?

Can I step up and do it?

Am I good enough, am I worthy of this?


Do I want to do it or shall I stay where I am in ignorance and fear and just exist and not live?

All normal, exceptionally ordinary human emotions that we all have.


However, if the fears aren’t there, then they won’t resurface no matter who you are with.

What do we do about it?


We face them head-on…..we see these emotions and observe them.


What is driving them to resurface again, what are they about?


Mine are resurfacing because I am stepping up a notch with my business, I’m going forward and when that happens…. change happens, fear in the subconscious steps in.


Fear is the factor here.


Fear keeps us safe, it can be our subconscious protecting us against the unknown and when you are out late, 19 years old and drunk, it keeps you from putting yourself in dangerous situations.


Or at least it should do.


Fear has its’ place. It is a survival instinct.


But fear can cripple us in terms of progress.


To better ourselves, to take a leap of faith.



Fear, reasoning, fear of changes, and moving forward can stop us doing just that.

So we acknowledge it….so now what Jeff?


Well, You refocus what it is you want to do?

You take back control.


You tell yourself …..yes I have fear and that’s okay.


But I am in control of this train, this ship, this mind. I am moving forward and that’s what I’m going to do.

Typewriter, to take action today, do something cool.

take action today, do something cool.

Conclusion…You take action:


Yes, you do.


I write a list, I make a plan.



I exercise and get that blood moving and the energy flowing.



I listen to something cool like upbeat music. Or inspirational vlogs. I get myself pumped and ready to go.


I meditate on what I want to achieve today and go over my positive affirmation…I am successful, I am doing great work today, I am achieving this and that today.



The fears diminish their power and voice slowly fade into the background and you are back on track.


Self-belief returns and you move forward.


Don’t think too much about the fear, the self-doubt.


Yes, they will most likely always be there in the background, acknowledge them and accept….. them but don’t give them the power that they don’t deserve.


And you will succeed, you will move forward, you will be successful. Take action and watch some cool free videos that will change your life. Press HERE.  go on press it.  It’ll blow your mind. 

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