You are your own Unique Selling Point.

Do you want an online business?

Do you want to be successful, creative, exciting?

Do you want a new life of freedom?

freedom beach by jeff james

Do you want to Design your own existence and drive change in your life and that of your family?

It all sounds fantastic.

You are hungry for it and you have a fire in your belly.

You are feeling ready to go forward, it is all steam ahead and you are ready for an exciting adventure….

So, what do you want to do online?

eh…what was that? What do I want to do online, ummmm I don’t really know”…

What is your business idea? 

What can you create and bring to the online world business community?

be different be you

be different be you

“oh hell I don’t know….what can I do? What can I bring to the world?”

Well, the answer my friend …is within you.

You may not know it yet, but You have everything you’ll ever need and at your fingertips right now.

The answer is …You!

You are everything you will ever need, well that, and some kick-ass education.

before you think “naw, what do I know?”….believe me when I say… you are your unique selling point (USP).  You are your brand.  Your ideas factory, your link to the world. You are individual and special and if you can tap into that uniqueness of you, then you will be successful.

Believe in yourself.

There is only one you. Unless you have been cloned recently?

There is only one you. Unless you have been cloned recently? Click To Tweet

But why do you need a USP? 

uniqueness is beautiful

uniqueness is beautiful

Well, every business has one, think of the brands and items you buy…why do you buy them? Why do you invest your time and money in things you like?

Media, literature, art, clothes, cars, watches.  They all have unique selling points.  A person or idea, or colour, or energy linked to them. 


Think Virgin…think Richard Branson.  I get my broadband from them because of him, I trust and like him, a bit naïve, but that’s the way the world works.


Behind each brand is someone with uniqueness, yes maybe a team of uniqueness. That’s all very well you say, “A team, but it is just little me!”….well yes, but they don’t have YOU.


You are unique and a spark of individuality in the world. Do not forget that.

You are unique, special, individual, different. 

We all are.

robot face by alex iby

It is just finding that specialness, that uniqueness and capturing that into your online business that will set it out form the others.

You are unique, special, individual, different. Click To Tweet

Look online today, how many websites all look the same, feel the same, smell the same? 

Yes… quite a few.

You need to dig inside of you and feel what you are trying to say.  What you are trying to be, who are you? 


What are you?



New age light child?

Sports dude?

Gucci Babe?

Muscle goddess?

Or a meditation guru?


What are you standing for?  Are you speaking your own language and I don’t mean English or French, I mean your voice in the world?


Stand out people

Stand out people

When you do and let it shine through (sounds a bit, well Oprah here, but you know what I mean). Speak your voice, let it shine, get your flow in life and then you will succeed and be noticed.

But Jeff…flippen heck…How do I do this?


Well, you need to understand what your uniqueness is, your abilities, talents, and skills. 

What makes you… well… YOU?


You need to make yourself memorable!  (I use humour and hats).

Stick out from the crowd.

My mentor Jay said “at the moment you are a rough piece of stone, smelly, stinky, dirty…we are going to uncover you to become a shining diamond, and let your inner uniqueness shine through”

uniqueness rules

uniqueness rules

Well, that was more or less what he said, it is what I heard anyway. This idea has stuck with me over the past years of study and building my own business.


I am uncovering myself like an onion peeling off the layers. It can be painful at times. As you do unwrap stuff you’ve had covered for years.


I’ve re-examined things from my life I’d forgotten, stuff like…what makes me tick? Relationships with family members, loved ones, old loves, friends, life pathway. All this goes into the mix of who you are and what drives you.


But you know one thing? It is worth it, so worth it. Why go through your life on automatic pilot, numbing your brain by the crap on TV?


When you could be living, feeling, breathing in life every day. Feeling life. This is what this process gives you back.

Make yourself stand out.

Make yourself memorable.  By being who you are and who you are meant to be.

take a good look at yourself

take a good look at yourself

If you think you are boring, well maybe you are.  But what makes you a great bore?  What interests you?  and gets your juices flowing, speak about it, whilst being boring.

If you think you are boring, well maybe you are. But what makes you a great bore? Click To Tweet

You know what…? at least you are being real, and you will attract those who don’t care about you being boring but will listen to what you have to say.


At least you are unique and boring rather than just the same as everyone else. And give yourself a good talking to, say to yourself…I am exciting, I am interesting, I thrill people with my ideas and thoughts. Keep your mind positive.


Build relationships with those you are speaking to.

Let them into your world. Let them know who you are and what you are talking about. 

What is your message?  What are you trying to say?

Maybe it is drumming or DIY, cake making? Yoga?

Let the audience know what you are saying, but at the same time let them know who you are. 

What is your message? What are you trying to say? Click To Tweet

How do I start? Well, a biography on your website is a good start.

Typewriter, to take action today, do something cool.

get it down…

It is hard writing about yourself…!

Yes, it bloody well is.  It can be soooo hard.


But write a draft, let it flow, type it out fast.  Then read through, change bits, add bits.  Leave it for a few days and go back and do the same.


Don’t be afraid of saying what you mean. 

Don’t give them War and Peace or the story of your life from day one, but give them a delicious flavour of who you are;

Your passions, values, thoughts.


Your personal website is your stage:

As I said, use your personal website as the platform where you need to showcase who you are and what you are trying to say. 


axe 9 to 5 logo by Jeff James

Engage the people who you are speaking to and let them know you have arrived.

Engage the people who you are speaking to and let them know you have arrived. Click To Tweet

Let ‘you’ shine through and let it be the real you.  Not some carbon copy of David Beckham, Jodie Marsh or Michael McIntyre.


Conclusion:  Don’t be cardboard.

Don’t be 2d.  Be 4d, hell make it feckin’ 5D !!

Don’t be 2d. Be 4d, hell make it feckin' 5D !! Click To Tweet

Be real.  Be YOU.


Be real.  Be YOU.

Be real.  Be YOU.

This will be your Unique Selling Point.

Have a look at my story and the education I got …that supported me, in building an online business.

This will lead you to online success. 


Because at the end of the day….no one else is YOU.

YOU are unique.


Love and luck

Jeff James.

axe 9 to 5 logo jeff james

axe 9 to 5 logo Jeff James

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