Let me help you….. 

I want some new education. I want to be free.

What is this all about?

I study with the academy set up by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek; they have an educational programme to give you the foundations to set up your own on-line business.

In addition to the learning and building your own ideas and business, there is a FANTASTIC opportunity to earn whilst you learn*.

You learn about marketing online, making videos, advertising, writing, making websites. And so much more.

I think what really struck me and I wasn’t prepared for this, and I don’t think they promote this aspect of their academy enough, is the changes that go on INSIDE OF YOU.

What I’m trying to say is…

that it isn’t just…

here’s some education, do the work, study and bingo you have a business.

No…..this is SO MUCH MORE, and it really took me by surprise.

It rocked me to my size 10 shoes.

The academy gives you what you need and you won’t even know that you needed it.

It opens your mind to the possibilities that the online world has to offer. Once you open that Pandora’s box, you can’t close it again.

It gives you ideas about:

  • How we can use the internet to give a new life that we would never have thought of 10, 20, 30 years ago.

  • The learning makes you up to the minute digitally savvy, it brings you up to speed within the modern digital world.

I had never even used Facebook before I started learning with the team.

Now I can design and build my own website.

I still have to stop and think about that. If I can, you certainly can.

I know fellow students who are aged 21 to 71.


I know students who have;

Started with English…. as their second language.

Or …..Who have gone in with debts,

or looking for something to help them get out of a mess…and rebuilt their lives through hard work and determination.


Made a SUCCESS of their life and CHANGED their ruddy world around.




ideas by patrick tomasso

I want to change my world. I want freedom from the 9 to 5.



Let me tell you a little story…..


george washington carver


A man called George Washington Carver was born into slavery in the 1860’s, his mother and himself were kidnapped by Confederate night-raiders, sadly his mother was lost forever, but he was rescued and raised by a kind farmer as his own son.


George loved nature and learnt as much as he could about agriculture.


He had a difficult start, he was black in the 1800’s, he was born into slavery, he lost his mother and never knew his father, things were stacked against him….. but he had vision.


He wanted to change how things were done. He wanted to change the world, he wanted to change HIS world.


If he can, you can.


George went onto become a respected scientist, he helped farmers grow better crops with crop rotation, and he did some great things with peanuts and soybeans that impacted on manufacture across the world.


He had a vision, he was a free man.


He took control and didn’t let others control him.


He said and this really resonates with what we are doing here


…. “education is the key… to unlock the golden door, of freedom”.


Getting the right education and a person can do anything.

Education, with the right attitude, the right thinking, the right motivation and drive…we can do anything.


Whilst we do not compare our lives to slavery, I am speaking to those people who are unhappy, feel trapped, enslaved to lives they never wanted or created, but don’t know how to get out of.


I think that if you educate the person to help themselves, to take control, they can empower themselves and take back their lives. That’s what I think Stu and Jay have done.

The Wake up call.

The wake-up call..is your alarm going off?

It is good, it is humane, it is freeing those clever enough (like you) to understand it. 

I believe in this education, I study with them.

I would not have done so if I didn’t believe in it.


I am clever, I can see what's what....send me the good free stuff. Unlock my freedom.

I don’t know about you….but I don’t want to be controlled.

I want to be free.

I want to teach my children to be free.

Not to be constrained by the 9 to 5, but see and work in a world of their making.

Doing good, giving back to the world, but being ultimately in control.


I want it for myself.

I want it for those I love. 

I want it for you.

I want what you want.....send me the 4 free videos. Enlighten me friend.

Do not wait for Governments to help you…they won’t.

We have to help ourselves. We have to align ourselves to move forward, to progress. To enlighten ourselves to a different way of living.

Take action……only you can do this. What are you looking for? 


Let me tell you what motivated me.

After losing some very dear people close to me I questioned what life was about.

I questioned the very life we lead and asked “was there more to life than this?”

As I started to Wake up and question our existence I asked myself this question: Do you want to work until you retire, drop dead the week after from exhaustion?


I said to myself..”no I do not! I want to retire early, having lived a fantastic life, on my terms.  I want to do more good in the world, on a bigger scale, touch lives in a great way and add to the positive stuff in the world”.

What do you want out of life and this new education experience?


buddha axe your 9 to 5 design create freedom by jeff jamesBuddha by Jeff James

Are you looking to pay off your mortgage early through a second income?

Are you looking to work part-time and supplement your income with something different?

Do you want to learn new skills and stretch your mind a little and live again?

Are you on a spiritual journey and find the 9 to 5 gets in the way?

Are you looking to travel…… at the same time earn a cracking income*?

Live life in your own way, be your own boss.

Do you wake up every morning loving what you do and you get to write your own pay cheque every month (based on your efforts*)?


Do you want to teach your kids the right way of doing things in the modern world?

Prepare them for the digital future? Learning from what you did, building them a good future? 

robot face by alex iby

The modern world is changing, over the next 20 years many jobs will be taken over by robots, in some sectors like taxi drivers and telesales 80-99% of jobs will be automated (according to a 2013 Oxford academics report).

Even in burger restaurants, there are already robots called ‘Flippy’ …

…an A.I. robot doing the burgers (heh! I did that job in the early 90’s).

Look, it’s not all doom and gloom. Sands shift.

Things change…..as some opportunities shut down, others open up.

We must keep positive…..but what I’m saying is ….

…we either keep up or get left behind, no one wants to be left behind.

“Heh Jeff…I can’t do this, I don’t even use Facebook!”


Balderdash…..rubbish…..piffle, and a bit of flibbery-dash

(I made that one up, it’s my site ….so I can)....if I can, you can. Sorted.


Yes, I could use Word, and Excel (well I say use, more of a QUICK pick and a poke), I could use emails and get around the net.

Everything else I learnt in one place, from Stuart and Jay’s academy.

All in one place. Easy to use. Great support where you need it.


  • modules,
  • tutorials,
  • seminars,

you use what you want and need. This isn’t just education, this is your future. 

You are FLIPPEN bonkers Jeff...but I like the idea, I want to know more.


What % of jobs (in many sectors) will be automated by 2030? Will your job be one of them?

What can we help you to achieve?

No one cannot make you do anything.

Everything comes from within, everything you need for success is really inside of you.

All they do at the academy is put new batteries in, light the touch paper, or if you want to be environmental about it….. give you sun for your solar panel capacity, or give you some wind for your turbine (ahem!).


Maybe you want;

time by brad neathery

  • more free time?



  • more money?*

freedom by tommaso fornoni

  • more freedom?


  • a better life?

That’s it really.

At the academy, they can help you get to that destination. 

They are not the destination, but they are the transport to get you there.



You can fiddle about and walk there ( I’m impatient, I wanted it faster than that).

You can fiddle with bits here on the internet, bits there…but it can take you years.

Ask yourself….do you have time to waste?


Me neither.


GIVE ME THE FAST TRACK TRAIN (Woo Woo), I want to watch those free videos.



Come and see what the academy is about……go via a Bullet train and zoom your way there.



They can help you get to where you want to go, through a successful, (already set up) academy that has trained and had 1000’s of students successfully pass through its’ doors.


You have the opportunity to also learn to earn whilst you learn, through their affiliate opportunities


(*based on your efforts)


Inspire your mind Inspire your mind


It is so simple, so ingenious really.




I have a free On-Demand Workshop video series that can kick-start this process,

it can enlighten you,  take you forward so fast,

you won’t know what just slapped you in the chops.  

If you do nothing else this year, just watching the 4 free videos, will blow that mind of yours.  

They are FREE. You get FREE information and ideas, enlightenment from some of the best entrepreneurial innovators this century Stuart and Jay.

 Did I say the videos are FREE??… ..what else are you going to do? …..watch re-runs of a favourite box set?

Do more stuff… that never moves you forward, like consuming candy floss for your brain ...but there is no substance. 

Drink more alcohol and wonder  “where is my life going, where has it gone?”

Don’t you want that kick up the ass?

That slap around the chops, that brain poke that propels you forward so fast ...you go into warp speed?

No one told me warp speed would happen, I found out.  I’m just warning you now…watch these videos and if it doesn’t happen fine, just walk away…but if it does, and I feel sure that it will…and that rush will make your head spin and your bum tingle.

Isn’t watching a few short Workshop videos worth having your bottom tingle? 

Just a bit? 

Yes I want to see if my bottom tingles.....

Help You.       

Support your.       

Hold your hand.

Let us take you by the hand and guide you to education, new knowledge and ultimately freedom.

Let us guide you to take control of; 


..to design and create your vision

of what fantastic

looks like.


…..through a supportive,

well designed and

well thought-out

tried and tested education

and self-development programme.

Your LIFE…

…you can start to imagine

and create a new life for you,

your family,

your own business,

with a laptop and an internet connection.


…. All it takes

is one step forward

to see what this

is all about.

With our compassion, our support, our kindness, you can do what you’ve always wanted to…..but never knew how.

I'm brave, I want to take that first step.


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We cannot guarantee any results/success/income.

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