Today I finish my 9 to 5 job.

Well, to be honest, it is more than 9 to 5.


Who works 9 to 5 these days?


My working day has been for the past, well for the past forever… more of a 7.30am to 6.00pm working day.


It was the way I was brought up I suppose, maybe I didn’t need to work so hard but I’ve always had jobs that seemed to demand more from me.

Working hard

Working hard

Or maybe I was deluded and like a goldfish, I grew to the space provided. I worked it because the environment demanded it and I wasn’t the one in control.


My mother worked all hours as a nurse. My father worked hard and long hours keeping the gardens and recreational places of the town in tip-top condition.


I had role models who gave their all to their jobs.


However, I am thankful, lucky even… to say that I have been able to work.


I am healthy.


I am well enough to work.


I have worked hard since I was 13 years old and got my first job in a shoe shop.

Working it.

Working it.

And I’ve worked for over 30 years in a variety of incarnations.


Now today I am finishing my 9 to 5 to go back to study and learn about the online world.


I am both excited and scared at the same time.


However I am not taking a massive leap, I’ve been cautious and planned this for over a year.


I have been building my own online business over the past year; learning, watching, studying and wanting to give something back to those who like me, want something different from their lives.

Planning and thinking

Planning and thinking

And that’s what’s struck me today and throughout the leaving process in my office, talking with my work friends.

Leaving your job even only for a year or so can be quite a change.


Like maternity leave or retirement, when you know what you go to every day in your working week, no longer exists.

The structure that surrounds you is taken away.

Either by choice or by circumstances.


You know what…it has hit me harder than I thought.


I’ve been planning this day for about 12 months.


Planning and saving to put me through college on-line.


So many of the people I know at work have come up to me with good wishes, saying

Well done”

I wish I could do that”

I wish I were taking this time out to study… to try something new”.

sentiments such as…


To live your dreams,


to think outside of the life you are living,


to feel inspired to do something different

and live another life.


Yes… live another life.

Living and working differently.

Living and working differently.

Taking back control.


Having the guts I suppose, to think differently and to try to live something a different way.


That’s what I’ve been about these past 12 months.


Seeing things differently.


Taking oneself out of the comfort zone.


Taking charge of one’s destiny.


As I looked around the room today and my leaving ‘surprise’ send-off, I felt such emotion.

Such warmth from the people in the room I’ve worked with over the past 5 years.


LOVE is the message….

Friends, colleagues, those I have felt real friendship and compassion for.


I looked at them and thought… I’m doing it not just for me, but I’m bloody well doing it all for you.


You’ve given me the courage to go forward, I’m doing it for you. I owe you all that.

With your good wishes, presents and looks at me, some with fascination, some with the hope that if I can make something else of myself then they can too.

Sometimes just knowing that things can be different can give someone else the courage to even try.

Go forward.

Go forward.

I have to go forward, I have to do well. I am taking a leap of faith.

I’m stepping off that cliff face… into the unknown.

I’m stepping off that cliff face... into the unknown. Click To Tweet

Yes, I am scared, but there is an inner calmness to it all.


For many moments when I feel calm it feels flipping great.


Maybe this is how you feel when you know the end of something is near, an ending of something you’ve known for many years is coming.


Scared… but at the same time calm.

A kind of peace that you are giving yourself over to something new.

Maybe working in health and social care does this to you.


You have to face your emotions and you have to be emotional, otherwise, you don’t survive or you come across as very cold.


You have to be very creative, otherwise, you just don’t help people change their lives around.

Time to Create.

Time to Create.

Leaving is a leveller, it does show you how much people care.


If no one had turned up I wouldn’t have been surprised.


I’m not a man who places much value on being recognised. Although when it happens it is very nice, I never expect it.

I do what I have to do, what I need to do, for the good of those around me.

I work hard, I give it my all.

I try and treat people with good humour and respect, love and compassion.


There are no hidden sides, I’m told I’m “one of the good guys”.


(ed: “Don’t believe everything you’re told, you muppet”).

When we start to understand that we are loved, that we will be missed surely that’s the end?

That’s the road to ruin?


Isn’t that what we are told by our teachers and parents?


This self-effacing manner which keeps us humble.

But today it was overwhelming, all these colleagues, about 40 of them I think it was, although it was a sea of beautiful faces. All there to say goodbye to me. Me.


I felt grateful.

I felt loved.


I felt appreciated and I knew that what I was going to do next, I had both their backing, their blessing and their hopes.

I am taking back control.

I am about showing others how life can be different, how we can change life around.

If you are here reading this you might have doubts about taking a chance on life, taking the first step forward, but you know what?

Stand up and take back control.

Stand up and take back control.

What have you got to lose?

Yes, it might take some planning.


It might take a bit of saving.

It might take a bit of courage.


It might not mean leaving your job and taking that big plunge.

It might be cutting down your hours or condensing those hours so you have some spare time to follow your dreams, to build a different reality for you and your loved ones.

What have you got to lose? Click To Tweet

Whatever it is, don’t let fear stop you.

Make a note of what you want, take that note and pin it to your notice board.


Follow the instinct that you have, go forward and do something about your life and live the best life you can.

Go on… jump off that cliff called life, (ed: but not a real cliff that’s just a bit dangerous).

Make a wish

Make a wish

If you want to read more of my musings and articles have a look here on my blog on the Axe your 9 to 5 website.


Or if you want to see what education I am getting that is changing my life around and getting out of the 9 to 5 by building my own online business, there are 7 free videos that will blow your mind.

They will show you that there are alternatives out there that any person can achieve if they want to. Act here for the videos.

So, are you going through a major change in your life? What are you experiencing? How do you face those barriers and challenges?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Take back control.

Jeff James.

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