What challenges do you have on a daily basis?

Your kids fighting?

The car breaking down?

beat up cars fall apart.

beat up cars fall apart.

One of your kids breaks their arm?

Work getting crazy and going way beyond your ability to cope?

Family issues?  disputes.

People crying and asking for your help?

Yes, these are just the challenges I had this week.

this article is looking at just that….How Your Challenges in Life can be Opportunities for Your own Growth and Personal Development.

Challenges on our time, state of mind, ability to function come at us every minute of every day, some are big, and some are small.

A time piece set the bar.

Time is a construct of society, don’t let it control you.

Challenges can be barriers.

Barriers to us relaxing, barriers to us having some time to yourself.

Barriers to getting what you want.

Barriers to getting to work on time.

In the workplace, in our business, in commerce, there are barriers and challenges everywhere.

They may be new competition in the market place, loss of key employees, changes in law or policy.


Struggles with IT and the list goes on.


But stop and think…

These challenges, these barriers…what do they do for you and the world outside of you?

I suppose it really depends on how you see those challenges, those barriers to moving forward.


If you are the type of person who goes around thinking; “I know it always happens to me, why me God, why me?”


Then you are going to be feeling pretty rubbish for the majority of your life because every challenge will just impact on you and make you feel even more crappy than the one before.


Or you can see it as a different way complexly.

Challenges and barriers don’t have to be negative.

And I’ll show you how.

Here are 3 ways that these challenges and barriers in our life and your business/workplace can be used to your advantage.  Used to encourage innovation, and newfound productivity in you, your business or workplace.

The Wake up call.

The wake-up call..is your alarm going off?

1. With every challenge comes an opportunity.

A friend of mine lost his job recently, he hated his job anyway, he felt depressed most for the time in it and when his job was erased, well it was the universes way of telling them to get the hell out of there. 

But it was also a great opportunity.

They have now set themselves up online, developing their own business and have never been happier.


Seeing the barriers and challenges as ways to improve yourself, changing the dialogue about how you see your world from within.  Can help you to see the challenge as a great opportunity.


On a very small scale my car broke down this week, the kids and I were leaving the house to do the school run.  We were running early thank goodness, but the car was as flat as a pancake.


Nothing.  Zilch. Zero.


Luckily, I had the RAC, so I got them out and had a new battery fixed.


Challenge; get the kids to school on time, me to work. what about the car, will it cost me a fortune?

Who do I have for fixing my car, I had no idea.


Opportunities:  the kid’s grandad took them, and they spent some nice time with their grandparent. 

I found out I had RAC, that my battery was knackered, and I needed a new one. 

It was so low that it was surprising that I didn’t breakdown somewhere obscure a long time ago.  Lucilky, I broke down at home.


So that was good fortune.

Your Kids leave footprints on your soul.

Your Kids leave footprints on your soul.

I worked at home and got loads done.


I met a really great RAC person who raised my faith in roadside assistance 10-fold.


My neighbours both sides also offered support with getting the kids to school, which was cool, and I was grateful for having such great neighbours.


You get the idea.


Overcoming barriers and challenges in your everyday life and then transferring that out to your work, career, business, relationships, life, challenges your life around.

Yes, challenges should be barriers, they should be challenges, they prick your stress levels and make you go “arrgghhh”.


But stop and think.

Wouldn’t life be really boring if you never have those in your life?

They are the universes way of moving you forward.

Progressing your life and changing the stuff you don’t like around.

Grab hold of it!

Grab hold of it!

Barriers are when your mind begins to fire, it rises to the challenge and you get all sorts of ideas to turn that thing around.

You get creative, you get inspired. You are firing on all cylinders and you are cooking on gas.

2. Challenges are your Wake-Up call.

These challenges coming at you, are signs that your current life needs to change.

Wake up

Wake up

If you have control over your life, you can change things around.

Things going wrong, relationships, your job, your life.  It means that it is time to get creative.

Get stuff sorted and make some changes.


Don’t shy away from the challenges or the barriers. Welcome them.

Face them head-on with a different head held high attitude.

Yes, bring it on you …you…. bad challenge you”.

Look at how you do things, look at the fact that it is time to switch around how you do things.  or maybe do something in a new way or start doing something new to make things much better.

“Yes, bring it on you …you…. bad challenge you”. Click To Tweet


Maybe your business isn’t as successful as you’d like? then get some education, change your tech skills, ask others how they are cutting it in business.

axe 9 to 5 logo by Jeff James

Don’t stagnate, don’t let it beat you.  Rise to the challenge.

Take action based on positive reactions to the barriers and change and let the new ideas and change flow.

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3. Be proactive within change, not reactive.

Don’t sit there waiting for the barriers to come or the challenges. Think about things that may be coming your way. Especially in business.

Horizon Scan.

Scan that blue sky for opportunities.

Scan that blue sky for opportunities.

Look at the challenges others are facing and experiencing, learn from their challenges and barriers and think about how you would react to such things.

These can stimulate ideas about what could be, it isn’t negative thinking it is being progressive, innovative and proactive.  Planning and keeping you and your business and life moving forward.


Keep a record of ideas, scenarios for change, look at introducing those changes sooner.  You an IT upgrade, get a new phone that connects to One Drive.  Upload your data to a generation copy.


Keep some money aside for a slow month.

success stream of income

Look at your employees and what could happen there, if you have one person with all the knowledge, then share that knowledge around. 

No, you might not stop your son doing a commando challenge on the swings and breaking their arm, but heh you don’t want to wrap them in cotton wool either.

But you can foresee challenges coming your way for some of the moving forward, wake up call moments.


wake up…


Challenges and barriers are opportunities for you to get creative, to pick up speed and change things in your life that aren’t working, right around.

Embrace them, don’t react but be proactive in their wake.  In the jet stream that they leave behind, don’t fall over in a heap.

Move forward, pick yourself up and see the possibilities and solutions to those issues.

Be unique

Be unique

If you want to read more of my musings and articles have a look here on my blog on the Axe your 9 to 5 website.

Or if you want to see what education I am getting that is changing my life around and getting out of the 9 to 5 by building my own online business, there are 7 free videos that will blow your mind.  

They will show you that there are alternatives out there that any person can achieve if they want to.  Act here for the videos.

So, are you going through a major change in your life?  What are you experiencing? How do you face those barriers and challenges?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Take back control.

Jeff James.

axe 9 to 5 logo jeff james

axe 9 to 5 logo jeff james


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