So you have a new website (yippee), you’ve made it yourself and are very proud.

But wait… no one is visiting your lovely new website and reading all those blogs you are spending hours writing!

There are 2 things that will kick-start your success online and those 2 things are Google Analytics and Google Console.

Now, these are easier to set up and not as complex as they sound. Just bear with me for a bit, it will be worth your while.

What is Google analytics?

How to Google analytics

Google analytics

In a nutshell, Google analytics is a free, useful tool that you link to your website using something called a UA code.

Having Google analytics and your website talking to each other lets you see how many people are looking at your website, how long they stay for, and what pages they are looking at.

It will also help you later on down the road as you become more advanced and want great informative data.

Using Google analytics and learning how to use it, is an important part of moving your website and content towards your audience; helping them to get the content that they want.

Using this piece of software within your website, helps you improve the results for your website. The links for this are at the bottom of this article.

1. You will need a Gmail account. Set one up then go for google analytics.

Once you’ve got a google account then go to the google analytics page, set up a new account via the ‘Sign up’ page.

How to Google analytics sign up page

How to Google Analytics sign up page

2. You go in and set up an account name, and then type in your website address i.e. axeYour9to5, then put in your website URL i.e. https://axeyour9to5.com/

3. Select your industry, i.e. internet and telecom. Select time zone, it’s important to ensure you’ve got the right one, as it will help you with tracking when others are looking at your website. For example, the time that those great people in Australia are looking at your site.

4. Then you select ‘Get tracking ID!: this ID number is key in all of this.

How to Google analytics get tracking ID

How to Google analytics get tracking ID

The ID number is called the UA number, looks something like this….UA- 124456548-1

5. You copy the UA number and then add the UA number into your SEO (search engine optimisation) on your site.,

I tend to use ‘Yoast SEO’ or ‘All in One SEO’ (they seem well respected).

6. The UA number goes into that SEO Plug-in on your website WordPress dashboard.

How to Google analytics link to SEO

How to Google analytics link to SEO

7. Within your SEO plugin go to ‘General settings’,

How to Google analytics SEO general settings

How to Google analytics SEO general settings

8. and then scroll down to where it says…..Google settings, when you get to Google Analytics ID, insert the UA code.

How to Google analytics UA code SEO

How to Google Analytics UA code SEO

9. Then scroll down and press’ update options’. Update site.

10. Go back to google analytics, and refresh, then after a few hours, you’ll start to see the results coming through.

So simple really. If I can do it, anyone can. Really ….that’s true.

You’ll then start to see your active users and their locations around the world, it all adds to the search-ability of your site and informs you about how to shape your website in the future.

Now the next tip is quite important… I think anyway and I wanted to share.

You have built your site and no one is coming?

Why not?

Well, Google might not have recognised that it is a new site.

It doesn’t exist yet, as far as they are concerned.

There is something very simple you can do to change that, it links in with Google Analytics; think of it as a party…..Google analytics is the invitation and instructions to get to the party, think of the next thing as actually arriving at the party.

Trust me this works.

Within hours of doing this, I started to see that people were visiting.

I started to get visitors.

No one wants to throw a party and for no one turn up right!

This exciting little thing is called Google Search Console.

Basically, it is linking your website to the Google search engine, rather than just the analytics, I know …..wasn’t that what we did just now? No, not exactly. Trust me on this.


By doing this, the search engine picks up your website.

The link is below, it is called Google search console.

Google search console

Google search console


Google search console start now.

Google search console start now.press on ‘Start now’.

1.press on ‘Start now’.

2. And then enter in your site’s URL….like this

Google search console add property.

Google search console add property.

3. You press ‘continue’.

4. Then you are asked to verify your site. I chose to do it the easier way because I’d already got my google analytics set up.

5. I chose to select: Link to your Google Analytics account’ from the verification options.

6. Then Click Verify and Google will look for your site’s tracking code on the Internet (UA code).


When they have done this they’ll verify your domain (website) and activate your G Suite account.

Important: we must not delete the (UA) tracking code from our web site’s homepage, as this will cause our domain to become unverified. And we don’t want that do we!


So “heh presto” Google Console spoke to my website and now I have my website recognised and talking to the Google search engines.

I didn’t need to do anything else, it was that easy.

So quick.

Google search console successfully verified

Google search console successfully verified

You can verify your website via other means such as HTML file, or Google tag manager (as you can see above) but if you’ve followed the instructions above and have Google analytics on board…. why bother doing anything else?

If you have any other advice or instructions let us know, leave comments below.

If you want to read more of my musings and articles have a look here on my blog on the Axe your 9 to 5 website.

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Take back control.

Jeff James.

Google analytics link:https://analytics.google.com

Google Search Console link: https://search.google.com/search-console/about

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