Hello, this is a short guide to ….How to make a screen video using 365 Windows Gaming mode and the Video Editor App.

This short guide is looking at how we can record your screen with audio for training videos, it can be used with PowerPoint, SWAY, and a whole range of Windows apps.


Have you ever wanted to record yourself speaking over a document to train your team or a colleague, but didn’t know how to?

You want to video your screen to show them what you want to demonstrate, but have Googled it online and you need to buy a black box recorder for about £60?

Well, there is hope, we don’t need to do that.

There is a way of recording the screen you see in front of you, and then uploading it to a video editing suite in Windows, again free.

We can make information videos using 365.


Then edit them and upload them to the Resource.

1. How to record your screen using Windows: Select the Windows key and ‘G’. This brings up…..


This brings up the gaming page, and then make sure the microphone works etc, and you press record.

I tend to put a microphone in to use, to record my voice as this gives a better sound for the listener. It depends on the microphone that you have on your computer.


Hint: make sure the microphone is pressed to open and not closed with a line across it.


2. Then talk naturally and move around the screen and it will capture what you are doing.


When complete press the stop button.

3. Storing the end result: It stores the end result in…..’Captures’ found in the computers’ ‘videos’ area.

4. You can open this, it normally picks a name from the area you are recording, i.e. your website page link, and then listen to it back.

5. Editing and making a short film. I tend to use ‘Movie Maker’ a free video suite but for the purposes of this and the one we have for free on Windows 365 is ‘Video Editor’.


We can use this:

Video editor.


6. Select video projects: Press ‘start a new video’ from scratch. Give it a name:

Then add the video you want to edit. Add the film you want and then place in the storyboard.

You can add background music.



You can join the film together by adding the captures you have recorded and adding them into your project library.

You can trim the video and edit out your mistakes.

You can add filters.

You can add text:

You can add 3d effects…. I love 3d effects, they are so cool.


Play around with it and have some fun.

For this type of thing, you have to make a few mistakes to get it to where you want to be.


Editing videos can be great, it is another way of communicating to someone and it can last forever.


Start small and simple at first and then publish. Sometimes the bigger ones do crash, but it depends on the computer you have.


You can upload to YouTube, send to a person, put it on your website, however the size of the video might be quite large, you might need ‘Drop Box’ or via www.wetransfer.com, even then try and keep the videos to under 5 mins if possible.


We can also use 365’s ‘Stream’.

And then share the link. And then wait for the Oscar nominations to roll in.

Have a go and good luck.


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So, what ideas do you have for making videos? Have you got some great hints and hacks for this type of thing?

Leave a comment below and let us know.


I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Take back control.

Jeff James.

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