Frequently asked questions:

“Right Jeff… what is this all about?”

If you are anything like me, you probably have lots and lots of questions about the ideas we have put to you on this website.


but maybe you are still not sure? Read on…..go on, read it…you are just a little bit curious aren’t you?

You might be asking…

What does this mean for me?

Can I do it?

Is it possible to design and create my own online business and a different life?

Is it too good to be true?

Is this weird stuff like Pyramid selling?  or a scam?  or some dodgy cult thing?


if you are asking questions then that’s great.  You need to be that kind of a person.


What can I do at this point to answer those questions?

Well, let me introduce Stuart, one of the founders of the academy.

Stuart is so much better at describing all of this… than me.

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Yes... I'm interested, let me see some more.....TAKE MY UNDERSTANDING TO A DIFFERENT LEVEL

Let the man himself, Stuart, (aka ‘Mr Stu’…. I call him),

tell you,

he explains it better than any of us ever can, it is his academy after all.

His baby.classic typewriter by Patrick fore

…hold onto your hats,

he’s a bit Mr Smooth,

a cool cat on the town…

He’s very well, how can I explain it?

Well, you’ll see……YOU DECIDE

…… exciting stuff….!

Let Mr Stu explain all with his business partner Jay, in their brilliant, mind-blowing, knowledge busting videos

If you are asking questions… YOU are the type of person WE WANT to be part of our community.

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