Ask yourself…Why do YOU want to change your life?

Jeff introduces his ‘7 Maybe’s’ model.

The road to change can be hard.

The wrong type of crack.

The wrong kind of pathway.

Yes, it can, but it can be exciting, frustrating, nerve-racking, brilliant, fearful, exhilarating and all manner of emotions in between.

If (like I was) you are not happy with your life, Job, circumstances, situation and you want to change then taking the first steps in this change can be some of the hardest steps of your life.

Being unhappy with work or circumstances can be a chance to take a different direction.

A new way forward.

A ‘take stock’ moment, and a new way of living.

But to move forward you have to understand why, why you want to change.

If you don’t understand what is going on, you might find later on down the line; in a year or 5 that you were changing the wrong things and have wasted your time.

Wasted your life.

And you do not want to do that.

Why are you not happy with your lot?

Many men are lonely.

Why are you feeling discontented?

If you don’t know what and why you are feeling then how do you expect to change?

So to help you and people just like you I’ve come up with the 7 Maybe’s.

These 7 Maybe’s are here to help you figure out what is going on for you.

They are here to help you ask yourself those questions no one else is asking you.

Work through them, they will only take a short while, there are only 7 (Ed; Yes Jeff we got that bit) and then find out what you really want from your life.

What it is you want to change and then move on and plan the change, from there.

Look beyond and talk.

Look beyond and talk.

So to start this simple exercise, get a pencil and a sheet of paper or use a notepad on your phone.

Some of these questions might trigger other questions you want to ask yourself.

Designing and creating your new life and opportunities needs to start somewhere.

The 7 Maybe’s…

A space to develop yourself, progress and broaden your horizons?

Do you feel limited by life?

Are others holding you back?

Are you not getting what you want from Netflix or reality TV?

Then maybe you are waking up and ready for a change?
Write down your answer.

2. Maybe you want to grow SPIRITUALLY and your current life doesn’t allow the headspace to do this?

Are you looking for the meaning “of it all”?

Asking yourself “there must be more to life than this?”

If you are, then you are waking up spiritually and by asking these questions, this indicates that you are changing and about to go on a journey of self-exploration.

Once you open that particular box, there is no going back. Beware of this.

inner peace

Inner peace

Are you looking for the meaning “of it all”? Asking yourself “there must be more to life than this?” #takebackcontrol, #onlinebusiness, #inspiringideas, #askyourself, #wakeupcall, #spiritualwakeup, Click To Tweet

But the journey is like an adventure of your life.

Write down your answer.

What do you want out of this change? More time to meditate?

Do some Yoga, smell the flowers and walk by the sea? Or go on a retreat?

Or maybe you have no idea what I am talking about and this is cool too. Keep reading.

3. Maybe you want MORE TIME to spend with your children, Your LOVED ONES, maybe you want a SECOND INCOME and retire early?

This is about having more time once again, but for very specific reasons.

We work and work for an end goal; pay off the mortgage and retire. But in the meantime we miss the journey of life, that we are on.

We miss the view because we are focussed on the destination.
Wanting more money to feel more secure is not a bad thing.

Your Loved ones.

Your Loved ones.

Money is just a tool at the end of the day. It helps us at this time on this planet of ours to be secure and comfortable.

It does not mean to say that you have to sell your soul to the devil to get money. And wanting it does not make you a bad person if you go about getting it in the right ways, welcome it in and attain it through good.

Having more time to spend with your family comes with having more money so you don’t have to work such long hours.

Work less, earn more and have more time to spend with your loved one.


Who doesn’t want that?

Write down your answer.

4. Maybe you are tired of the routine and rat race, you long for FREEDOM to try new things?

You just want the freedom to live?

Be yourself and find yourself.

Who doesn’t want that?

Have you ever noticed how nice you are when you are on holiday?

That is the ‘true’ you.

Away from the work madness and pressures of stuff that often is unnecessary; taking up your mind space and driving you a little bit crazy in the process.


Smile you are on camera.

Freedom to find out who you really are.

Freedom to be the real you. Isn’t that just a little bit tempting?

Write down your answer.

5. Maybe you sit in meetings all day and feel your life is slipping away?

DAYDREAMING of what your life could be like and you want to be inspired by others (like me), who have thought the same and done something about it?

If you are reading articles like this then you must want to change somewhere.

You are searching for something, so this question might touch something inside of you.

We can move on and move faster within change if you are surrounded by mentors who are motivating you; those who have taken life by the balls and shaken it sideways and are now doing what you can only dream about.

Dreaming is a good start if you can dream about it that is the start of the design and then the creation of a new way of your life.

Dreaming of a different Life.

Dreaming of a different Life.

I can help you with the inspiration bit, that’s easy, keep reading and Write down your answer.

6. Maybe you want the FREEDOM to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection?

The FREEDOM to scale up a business you have created and YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS.

Oh, I like this one.

This sounds good.

But maybe you have never thought about this type of Maybe?

This might be all new to you?

That’s okay.

To be your own boss. To be in control of your own destiny.

Scary, a bit like free-falling out of an aeroplane and you aren’t sure if your parachute will work.

But if you don’t take a chance how will you ever know?

Write down your answer. And let your words flow.

7. Or the last one…Maybe you are TOO scared to take the first steps and JUST like me, you don’t know where to turn…

that is okay too.
Are you scared of the change?

Maybe you are a strong woman or a strong man. And are used to being in control, being in charge of a large team.

A demanding job.

Earning the money to support your family but are Sh*t scared of this change?

You have a niggling feeling inside your very being, your very soul I suppose you could call it but…

But irritatingly for you, you are so scared of moving forward.

We are different...we are changing.

We are different…we are changing.

Making a change to your ‘ever so comfy life’, but ‘dull and boring existence’.

That is scary, isn’t it!
I know I’ve been there.

I’ve had the same elephant in the room.
The same wall to climb.

The same boulder to break down.

But that’s okay…
…that’s normal.

It means that you know what is there to change.
Do you really want it?
How bad do you want it?

I've had the same elephant in the room. The same wall to climb. The same boulder to break down. But that's okay... that's normal. #takebackcontrol, #onlinebusiness, #inspiringideas, #askyourself, Click To Tweet

You have all your Maybe’s in a row.
You’ve asked yourself some soul searching questions there my friend.

Now I did the same exercise, and I still re-ask myself those same questions when I need to refocus. But let me show you what I did.

If I can do it, you can too.

Believe me, …until recently I was all of the above and more.

But one day I came across 2 ordinary people called Stuart Ross (a Brit like me, think David Tenant Dr Who) and Jay Kubassek (Canadian and clever, THINK Brains from Thunderbirds), brilliant people.

Designing and creating a new way of living.

Designing and creating a new way of living.

But just like you and me, going through the same thoughts and life ups and downs, but they actually did something about it.

Yes, they did.

They didn’t give up or put up with it all, no they did something about it.

That idea hit me like a thunderbolt. They actually did something about it. They took back control.

They sorted it. And sorted it really good.

That idea hit me like a thunderbolt. They actually did something about it. They took back control. #takebackcontrol, #onlinebusiness, #inspiringideas, #askyourself, Click To Tweet

So I now attend their educational online academy.

This educational community was set up to support people like us, to create and design online digital businesses.

It is a place where entrepreneurs can take their ideas and shape them into something real.

These 2 successful internet marketers and digital entrepreneurs have made this academy a fantastic go-to place for people looking for a great education.

They built an education academy to share what they did, to help and guide people like you and me.
So simple, so clever, it blew my mind really.

So you have your 7 Maybes, now let me show you 7 free educational short videos that will blow your mind just a little, well maybe a lot more.

Mind alert

Mind alert

If you are ready for a change then this academy might at least open the door to what can be.

And after the 7 videos if it isn’t for you then run away screaming into the hills.

But if and this is more likely, (you don’t look like a screamer to me), you feel inspired well then take it further, talk to me via the social media links on this site or someone at the academy (via the videos below) and see how it goes.

You never know, you might design and create your own online business and wouldn’t that be fantastic?

They will show you that there are alternatives out there that any person can achieve if they want to. Act here for the videos.

So, are you going through a major change in your life? What are you experiencing? How do you face those barriers and challenges?

What other Maybe’s can you ask yourself? Let us know.
Leave a comment below and let me know.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Take back control.

Jeff James.

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axe 9 to 5 logo jeff james

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