It’s all about You….actually for this bit, it is all about Me. Jeff.

If you are not interested then that’s just fine, you can skip this bit. 

I am a warrior, I make the decisions here...send me the same 4 On Demand Workshop videos that Jeff saw.

Me…the Bio.

This is a story of creativity, adventure, waking up, change, finding freedom.


I was born and built in around the South West of England. Think Cows, farms, cream teas and lots of grass.

inspiring south west river by Jeff James

Plymouth has been my home on and off for many years and I do love a bit of City life, but nature and smells of the countryside and coast always hold my heart.


I’ve also lived and worked in Japan for many years, in around Tokyo.


They say travel broadens the mind, I think it puts your life into perspective.


You tend to not sweat the small stuff.

You realise that we are all the same; the same problems, the same thoughts, hopes, dreams and insecurities underneath the colour of our skin and culture.

Being a father to 2 young children (pictured) keeps me focused on time and motivation.

the kiddies on holiday by jeff james

I have been a teacher; teaching business studies and been a Social Worker, latterly (middle and senior management) managing health and social care teams and designing and shaping practice culture and tools.

I have, like many people, worked long, hard hours for many years.

I believe in giving back to the community wherever possible, whether that’s in work or charity outside of work.

I’m certainly no saint, I am definitely not perfect.


I am driven forward by the self-improvement of my soul.

I want to get to the end of my life as a good, decent person, who made a difference in the world.

A person who lived an exciting and adventurous life, not waiting for death….. but living life to the very end.

I am driven by and believe in living and working with love and compassion.

That’s my ideal anyway.



I want people to WAKE UP

to the fact

that they can change their lives…

….. they cannot look to schools

or the government to do this,

we have to do this for ourselves.

I want to push the boundaries

..of what we can achieve as people,

as living,

breathing people,

on this beautiful and crazy planet.

I want to push the boundaries

..of what we can achieve as people,

as living,

breathing people,

on this beautiful and crazy planet.

We can do amazing, fantastic and great things.

We are dumbed down by the craziness and stuff in the media

and modern society

and I want to help people to cut through that….

…. to wake up and look around

and take notice.

We have education at our fingertips …

….through this academy,

to shape

and create

a new life of freedom.

I want as many people as possible to take back control of their lives.

I am a warrior, I make the decisions here...send me the same 4 On Demand Workshop videos that Jeff saw.

Some of the VALUES that make up my character:

COMPASSION AND LOVE..…yes I know…idealistic and a bit ‘hippy’…

..but I don’t care. I am open about that …in my teaching, social work…

… management roles, writing and now as an online digital business entrepreneur.

I try to do everything as a compassionate, loving man and a human being.

If people don’t get it….. then they can jog on.

I believe we are here to make a difference, to give out love wherever possible,

to make a positive difference to the world, however small or large.

HUMOUR ….. why be boring and dull? Life is too short …..isn’t it?

I try and laugh as much and wherever I can….life is too short to be a miserable mood hoover.

Even when I chair really serious meetings I attempt to bring in humour,

it lightens the mood, you can still be effective with humour,

I believe you get more out of people with humour.

My kids tell me I am the 3rd child in our family,

I take that as a compliment.

FREEDOM ……it is what this is all about….. FREEDOM.

FREEDOM for me and YOU….to live the lives we want to live.

If we are stuck in a rut, don’t sit there moaning.


The right education and support via places like this academy give us freedom.

No one else is going to do it for us, but ourselves.

OPENNESS AND HONESTY……i don’t hold with liars, or negativity closed people or minds.

I am as honest, liberal and open as I can possibly be at any given time and I expect the same of others.

I believe in Stuart and Jay and the Academy.

They have the same types of values and this really resonates with me.

I only write what I believe.

And I’ve got a good nose for Bull poop.

ADVENTURE…….what is the purpose of life if you don’t have adventures?…

.pushing ourselves into situations we don’t feel comfortable in makes us grow. I like getting lost on days out, as I think you get to see more of life like that..

…when you get lost a little.

On my deathbed, I don’t want to think…. “wow I’ve had a safe and secure life”

I want to think wow…. I’ve lived at warp speed..

..I’ve been arrested under Marshall law in China, I’ve had guns pointed at me out East, I’ve been stuck on a tube all day in Tokyo, and unable to find my way out.

I’ve bathed naked up a mountain in the snow… I’ve tried to love, cry and live as much as I can,

and tried to enjoy as much of every day however hard, as much as I can.

CREATIVITY …..this theme comes up time and time again…

…..the word you’ll notice, is scattered throughout these web pages.

We are creative and clever people. If you are here it means you have imagination.

It just needs an ignition to set your engine going. A match to get your fire going.

Stuart and Jay got me realigned with my creativity and woke me up.

I’m just passing that on.

We can create whatever we want, to make a change.

And the main one…Fairness…...it is what drove me forward in social work; fairness for the person in the street; people being treated with respect, equality and working with them, to then to get the best life possible. Not everyone gets the best start in life, and life can deal some, a real bum hand; Mental health, physical impairments, drugs, alcohol, abuse, rubbish parents who had rubbish parents, bad relationships and life…affects people in different ways. 

I want fairness for people so they can live the best life they can live.  That’s all really. 

I am a warrior, I make the decisions here...send me the same 4 On Demand Workshop videos that Jeff saw.

If you got this far and are really interested in what made me want to do all of this here goes……

It’s funny I’ve been asking myself this same question...

what started all of this? My career to date has been an accident really, I kind of have felt that I’ve been steered forward by something else, for most of it.


I felt scared for most of it...

…scared of change, scared of going forward, not having the confidence to move forward, not thinking I was good enough for any of it, but behind the scenes something has driven me forward, to get the education, to go for job interviews, to travel, to take a few risks.


I believe in the higher self;

… and I guess that is what drove me forward, giving me nudges and helping me along the way. Like a caring parent really. For I never really took credit for any of it.

create your own life by Jeff James

I was brought up by hard-working, good, working-class parents. Money was hard, but we survived and they did their best. They worked to improve our lot, and they did. My upbringing was strict but fair.


I was brought up to believe education was the key to success, so I did.

I never felt clever, but I worked hard. I went to college and got degrees in business studies and social work, leadership, and various other bits and bobs. I shunned the corporate world very early on for value reasons,


social worker leather bag by Ben white

I didn’t like the cut-throat mentality.

I wanted to change the world and ‘do good things’, hence being a teacher and social worker in health.


I worked my way up and eventually became a senior manager. I was doing okay. I was doing good work and trying to change the small world I inhabited.

working at desk by nik-macmillan

But in 2016 many things happened at once, it was my ‘wake up year’, I suppose you could call it….. that had repercussions that rippled out and will continue to, as it changed my entire direction.



If you remember…..2016 was the year we lost celebrity after celebrity, many of those we grew up listening to like Bowie, Prince and George Michael were gone.

In addition to this, I had many personal losses and they hit me hard, I lost 3 people very close to me to various illnesses, an aunt, my grandfather and a good friend to cancer.

When you’ve sat with them and held their hand, at the end, it changes you inside.

My partner was ill for most of 2016…

…with PTSD and depression and we decided to up sticks from our home and move to clear the mortgage, as we didn’t know if they could work again.


So I entered 2017 in a bit of a shock…

…so flat, really, really low, everything seemed to be shifting around me and I had no control. But what this period did was to kick start me internally…

… I started to question everything around me, my existence, what I was doing with my life? When people around you start to die off, you question your own mortality don’t you? Your own life stretches out before you and you wonder and think…

… don’t waste a moment, don’t waste it.  


I felt I’d lost my way a bit.

I started to see things differently….. only a year before, everything had made perfect sense, and I was driven, focussed, knew what I was doing and where I was going.


 I was playing the game and doing the right things in life. Suddenly my world had shifted and I didn’t know what I was doing. But I knew that this wasn’t it…I felt deep down….something was coming and it was coming towards me fast.

sitting down relaxed

sitting down relaxed


I felt as though time was running out;

sometimes I couldn’t breathe, I felt that my life was suffocating me.


time by brad neathery

I was commuting and working long hours and getting to work and not remembering how I’d got there.


I was in meetings and my brain just shut off, shut down. Have you ever felt like this?

Maybe you feel like this now? You think you are going mad.


I wanted more from life…


…I was lucky I had a great family and we were doing okay, but I didn’t want to just exist…I wanted to live. I’d lost some of that, I’d lost some of myself in the process.


Who was I and what did I stand for?




I started thinking about changing my life, I initially wanted to set up a small business in addition to what I was doing in health and social care.

I wanted to earn enough so I could retire early, learn some new skills and try something new.

Challenge me a bit more. Push my boundaries and stretch my mind.


This quest led me to find my mentors Stuart and Jay and their Digital Academy.

Actually, in a roundabout way, they found me…….If you believe in ‘meant to be’….they kept popping up everywhere.


Their videos, their faces.

I watched a few videos, actually quite a few by Stuart.

He was talking about living the digital lifestyle, working from home, building a business online, I was intrigued.

Screaming for change

Screaming for change

I had a movement, in my soul, something was waking up.

Something was coming and I was scared…. this was it……I had to go forward.


Funny though, when you start to ‘wake up’ you cannot turn these thoughts off. They eat away at you until you take action.


Stuart spoke about stuff I knew nothing about. I was a health and social care person…not a brain tech.

So I got a bit involved, I was cautious at first, but the more I read and watched, the more I knew this was something else,

something that spoke to the very soul inside of me.

It was like something I’d been waiting for, but never knew I needed. So over the months I studied and learned new skills;

social media, videos, marketing online, digital world of opportunities, designing websites, building a business.

Take a chance

Take a chance

So I dropped my hours at a job I still enjoyed, but I had another focus. Another passion.

Something exciting and something I am building for myself and my family. I am rebuilding and designing, creating a new future.

And it is EPIC.


I am a warrior, I make the decisions here...send me the same 4 On Demand Workshop videos that Jeff saw.

I don’t know where it will take me long term.

I have so many ideas…. who knows what the future will hold for any of us? but I do know that when I sit down and work for myself, I get such a thrill, a buzz. 

My heart races, I feel alive. Because my businesses are focusing on helping others, this fulfills a need in me and aligns with my own values.     

WAKE UP ! AND DON'T STOP...Do they align with yours?

In conclusion and then I’ll stop rambling on…..what Stuart and Jay have done is help those who want to wake up…

….. To wake UP…..everything they talk about and provide is all under one learning roof, a one-stop-shop.

If you have an existing business and want to grow it, or want a second income, or go all in and set up your own businesses… they can support this process and give you the place to do it. So you are not on your own.

Change can be scary because it means a loss of one way and adopting an

 I’m ready are you? 

other, but wow …..it is an adventure and only you can take the first step.


Well, that’s meIt always seems so simple when you write it down, but it’s just life, we all have one…but what we choose to do with it can be in our control.

We can design and create our own life of freedom.

Good luck and much love.


I am a warrior, I make the decisions here...send me the same 4 On Demand Workshop videos that Jeff saw.


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