If you are reading this then you are thinking about starting an online business. 


This article is going to explore 5 ways to build a business and become successful online over the next year. 


As a ‘success’ disclaimer; you only become successful if you get the right learning and work at it.  You are in control of your own destiny, you just have to believe in yourself.


Having said that keep reading, I have a few ideas about getting the right support for you.


If like me, you are looking for something new, you want to change your life for the better and are tired of the 9 to 5 grind; commuting, long meetings, pressure and stress in a job that only increases year on year. 


Then you are in good company my friend.


I have been there and I wanted to do something about it, (Check out my story and how I have done something about it). 


I wanted to design and create a new life of freedom, so that’s exactly what I did, am doing now.  I linked in with a great education programme and a year down the line I’m doing well and my life is feeling more like the life I want.


So what about you?  What do you want from all of this? 


Maybe you are feeling like you want to do something and build an online business of some kind.

Maybe you want the freedom to work anywhere in the world?


work where you chose.

work where you chose.

Or work at home full-time… to be there to look after a loved one or be there more for the children? 

Maybe you want to retire early? Pay off your mortgage?


Have a second income or just learn some new skills and expand your knowledge.


Whatever your motivation is, let’s look at 5 ideas for making a business online over the next year.


Starting a business online has never been easier, all you need is a laptop, a basic knowledge of computers (how to use Word, emails etc and knowledge you can pick up along the way).


You need very little capital to invest, but you can grow faster with some money to invest (not very much though).


Because your business is online, it is out there, you can reach thousands of people and the sky is the limit on what you can do.  No one is there saying you can’t do this or that. 


The only limit is your imagination.

Some of these ideas can create for you a great passive income, but some have the potential to become great earners and change your life.  Dependent on how much action you take!


So here we go…are you ready?


1. Blog writing…..especially listicles.

I love listicles, I love reading them and I love writing them. For those of you who dont know what they are, you are reading one now. Lists of information that will hopefully change your life or at least impact on it in some way.

I love lists. I love writing. Full stop.


lists !

lists !

Blog about easy to digest useful bits of information, that promises to change your life.  They can inspire, or spark ideas and prompt action within the people you are writing to.


You can do this in 2 ways really. Spend about $20 and set up your own Domain (you can get one via here and they host it), this is your website platform.


This site also supports you in setting up a website and it is quite easy, after a bit of a learning curve.


Then you can spend a few hours a week or as long as you wish to research and write articles about a given subject you are interested in.


As you can see I focus on helping people design and create a new life of freedom, and Axe their 9 to 5.


axe 9 to 5 logo jeff james

axe Your 9 to 5 by Jeff James

I want to change people’s lives really, that’s what gets me up in the morning. It is what I want to do to change the world…and this is important.


Your blogging must motivate you and light a fire within your belly. 

Otherwise, you’ll soon lose interest.


Write about what you know and are interested in. That’s a good starting point.


Within the blogs you can link to items that support what you are saying, this is called affiliate marketing (see below),

this means that for every item that a person buys from a link you have put in your article, you get a percentage of the sale.


You might be thinking, buts that’s like pimping myself…

…doesn’t that devalue what I’m trying to say?


Well, I think that you are providing value to an audience but at the same time only supporting and promoting products that you believe in and support what you are saying.


Be warned though…

Please don’t flood your blog with product after product, with things that don’t link to what you are saying, for one it doesn’t make sense, it disjoints the reader and irritates them.


It also looks tacky and you lose the respect of the people you are writing for.


I recommend a small promotional budget to bring people to your articles, for example by using Bing, Google or Facebook ads. 


You can also use social media to promote your articles to generate traffic to your site.  Use social media to link to the groups/audiences that you are writing for. 

social media

social media rules.

Another way is to write for other sites. 

Many website owners are looking for others to write articles for themselves because they just don’t have the time or maybe the talent. 


You can write articles in given niches for others at about $20 -$50 an article. There are sites such as Fiverr.com where you can sign up for.


2. Affiliate Marketing…..earning money from other people’s products and services.

A couple of years ago I didn’t know what on earth this was. When I first heard about it I thought it sounded like the old style Pyramid selling. 


How outdated and ignorant was I back then !!


The world of affiliate marketing is a world of opportunity and growth.


You can affiliate for smaller products linked to your blogs or higher tickets products.  The higher ticket products mean that you will receive more money per sale.


For example 20% commission for a $1000 sale. Is $200 per sale, type of thing.

working together

working together to live.

In a nutshell affiliate marketing is where you promote, advertise, sell products via your website, recommendations, blog articles and the person buys something

and then via a special code link, connected to that person, you earn a commission from that sale.


The beauty of this is that you don’t have to produce or make anything yourself. 


Companies rely on affiliates marketers to do the work for them, promote their products and bring them, customers. 

Yes, they pay you a commission, but that offset against hefty marketing fees and the legwork that these marketers are doing for them is invaluable.



Most products and services online have affiliate programmes linked to them, Amazon, for example, have one and you can promote the products linked to the areas of blogging, you are focussed on.


3. Make YouTube videos every day.

I like to think of this as blogging on camera.


You Tubing has become madly exciting and popular in the under ’30s and I think beyond.


If you don’t mind being in front of the camera then this is the platform for you.

Roll, camera, lights, action.


YouTube world.

The YouTube world.

All you need is great lighting and a smartphone.


The start-up costs are minimal. 

I invested in phone stands and lighting disc. But that’s all for under $100.

Did you know you can make money from You Tubing?


Yes, you can when you get to a certain level of viewers and subscribers.


YouTube runs adverts on what you are producing. You get a cut from those adverts.


Also, you can earn a lot of money (potentially) from reviewing products and brands of companies.

The more traffic you build to your channel, the more revenue you will receive.


4. Create your own Brand….

A brand is something like Nike, Duffer, Walmart.


Having a creative mind and a cool eye for a brand that you want to market is all you need, and some products to put them on.


But you don’t need to have a warehouse full of products.


branding is important.

branding is important.

If your creations can be printed on a product, then you can turn this into a money opportunity.


Design something; a logo, a word that sums up what you think is a kick-ass brand and then uploads to t-shirts, hats, sweaters, bags, greeting cards,

mugs anything really can be done with this. Google companies that print to order.


Then advertise them via Facebook, Google, even have your own brand via Amazon. 


Then after the initial production costs are cleared, you earn commission on the sale.



Some might disagree but I think blogging, making videos and E-commerce go hand in hand with this one.  

You can link them all together and have each one complementing each other to increase your chances of earning a decent income.

5. The E-commerce route…..

What is E-commerce?


Well, it is about creating your own products and selling them in a marketplace, such as Amazon.  You can also use WooCommerce as a platform to sell your wares.


You can start your online store or E-shop as I like to call it, for very little investment. 


And because of ‘drop shipping’ you don’t need to worry about storing products in your garage, packaging and delivery. Companies like Amazon deal with all of this for you.


Your warehouse boxes

Your warehouse boxes

The benefits of this type of business online;

Is that you are building a portfolio of products that link in with your blogging, videos, brand etc. You are in control of what you want to produce, you can shape the products to suit what is selling in the market at this time.

You can do it for very little financial risk;

Yes, lower financial risk is still dependant on what products you are selling.


For example, if you have 500 units of a makeup sponge at a few pennies each to produce, you are going to have less risk than if you decide to go down the hi-tech electrical route of Drones for example, at a couple hundred dollars each. 


I recommend starting small and working your way up as you feel happy with and appropriate.

How can I source products?


There are online wholesale type places like Alibaba that can do this for you.  

1000’s of products that can work for you. 

market places

marketplaces can gvie you what you need.

Then you can brand them and take this forward to a marketplace of your choice.

So there you are… 5 up to date ideas for making an online business this year.


Conclusion:  I hope that I have whet your appetite with this menu, now it is up to you to look at the meals. 

Only you can make this happen really. 

However, as I said at the beginning I am doing all of this at the moment.

I started from not knowing where, how or what I was doing and within a short time and study, a bit of investment of money and lots of my time I am doing it. 


Then so can you.

The world, the digital world is your Oyster. I have learnt all I know not from scouring the internet for tidbits here and there, but with an online digital academy with 2 great mentors called Stuart and Jay.


They have supported me in affiliate marketing, building an online presence, E-commerce and blogging.


If you want to check them out I can send you some free videos to let you know all about this education and how you can get started online. 


It will blow your mind.


Yep send me some free, great educational videos.


Thanks for reading my friend and hopefully we will speak again soon.

Jeff James.

axe your 9 to 5 imagine create freedom by jeff james

axe your 9 to 5 and imagine creating Your freedom by Jeff James

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